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Pownce beefs out its mobile presence (slightly)

Pownce (kinda) goes mobile.

While there's still not a short code service to send in Pownceupdates from your mobile phone, yesterday the service quietly rolled out a new mobile interface ( to let members both post and browse Pownce updates, including files. While I couldn't manage to get any sort of attachment to load, the interface itself is a big step up from having to load the entire page--especially on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices; however, iPhone users are getting the best end of the deal as the site seems designed specifically for fingers and the large, portrait screen.

Ideally, I'd like to see Pownce make use of its file-sharing roots and make a Java or Windows Mobile app that lets users share their saved media from their phone. Services like Seesmicand Utterzare pushing the boundaries of the types of media people are making use of.

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