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PowerBook screen problems: Horizontal lines

PowerBook screen problems: Horizontal lines

While we have previously covered a wide range of issues with PowerBook screens -- including flickering, uneven illumination, and others -- a new issue where horizontal lines appear (possibly due to logic board issues) is beginning to garner significant attention.

MacFixIt reader Guy Lapointe writes "I think it's time to make pressure on Apple for making them extend the iBook logic board recall to PowerBook Titanium machine, facing similar display problems.

"Many Titanium PowerBook owners having similar problems."

A poster to Apple's Discussion boards has posted a picture of the problem.

Another poster writes:

"My Ti book started to show horizontal lines mid last year - after having the machine for only 6 months [...] I have worked out what the problem is: When the machine heats up and metal components expand, pressure is applied on the connection from the logic board, resulting in problems on the display. The lines can be produced when the machine warms up, and the machine itself bends slightly. If I crank up the DVD, hard drive, have several things taxing the OS and processor, then do something like play Quake, the resulting heat brings on the lines."

If you are having a similar problem, and have had success or failure with repairs (through Apple or other authorized service centers), please drop us a line at late-breakers@macfixit.com.

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