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PowerBook adapter cable strain

PowerBook adapter cable strain

While most owners of "yo-yo" Apple portable adapters have noticed some form of wire strain, users are now reporting problems with the current crop of Apple's 65 watt adapters. MacFixIt reader Greg writes

"My wife is on her third adaptor in a year, because of strain relief failure, later followed by a short in cord right at the power jack. Mind you, her iBook is rarely ever removed from the living room at our home, and she has gone to great lengths with this 3rd adaptor to not flex the cord much. Now after a few months, the strain relief has once again failed. It seems the plastic is simply too flimsy and brittle. This is the 2nd 65 watt adaptor in 6 months.

"The original 'Yo-yo' failed after about 8 months. My personal older series 'Yo-yo' for my Pismo G3 lasted 2 years with frequent travel before it died from being tripped on one to many times. The replacement is still in great shape after a year, even with some good tugs from being tripped on. The strain relief is definitely more solid. I believe I can get my wife's unit replaced again at the local Apple store, since it's still very new. But it sure is irritating."

We've reported on the wire strain issue several times before, including a note that the IEC C5 (an adapter included with several PowerBook and iBook models) has no strain relief. This means that if the wire becomes pulled or frayed at the connection ends, a short can occur and the adapter can be permanently damaged. In some cases, the thin cable is actually severed where it emerges from the casing and blackened - with a burning smell to boot.

Part 311-9359 from the Web site (use the Search function) is a viable replacement for Apple's included cable, and can help prevent strain, or repair your current adapter if the wire has become frayed or pulled loose.

If you are having wire strain issues, please drop us a line at

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