PowerBook 3400: Q & A

PowerBook 3400: Q & A


The February 20 and 21 issues of the Information Alley have articles covering a widevariety of issues specific to the new PowerBook 3400 series. Two points I found particularly interesting (the first one, as noted, has relevance beyond the 3400):

a. Question: Why does my PowerBook 3400 series computer sometimes freeze/hang when I cancel a software installation? Answer: It is possible that this freeze could be caused by having an old version of the ObjectSupportLib file installed. There are some third party applications that install an older version of ObjectSupportLib file in to the Extensions Folder. The older versions can cause the computer to hang when the Finder is restarted. This is a general system software issue, not one specific to the PowerBook 3400 series computers. The correct version that you need is ObjectSupportLib version 1.1.8. This version is installed by the PowerBook 3400 System Software Installer."

b. The 3400 comes with a special version of 7.6. It should not be used with other Macs nor should general 7.6 be used with the 3400.

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