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PowerBook 1400 has arrived

Apple Computer releases new PowerBook notebook computers with fast processors, large screens, and CD-ROM drives.

Apple Computer (AAPL) has introduced new PowerBook notebook computers, its first update of the line in more than a year.

The Apple PowerBook 1400 will be available in four different configurations. Three of the systems use a 117-MHz PowerPC 603e processor. One of the systems uses a higher-performance version of the chip running at 133 MHz with a level-2 cache to enhance performance.

The 1400s have 11.3-inch dual-scan or active-matrix displays, two PC card slots, 12MB or 16MB of RAM, 750MB or 1.0GB hard drives, and the option for a 6X CD-ROM drive.

Apple PowerBook 1400 configurations
Model 1400cs/117 1400cs/117 1400c/117 1400c/133
Processor 117 MHz 117 MHz 117 MHz 133 MHz
Cache N/A N/A N/A 128K
level 2
RAM 12MB 16MB 16MB 16MB
Drives 750MB 750MB 1.0GB 1.0GB
Expansion Bay Floppy 6X CD/
6X CD/
6X CD/
Display Dual scan Dual scan Active matrix Active matrix
Est. Retail Price* $2,500 $2,900 $3,500 $4,000
Availability November November November January
*Prices are U.S. estimates only. Prices and availability of the systems may vary among resellers and by country.

Expansion capabilities allow the use of a variety of storage options, including a floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, additional hard drive, magneto-optical drive, and Iomega Zip drive available in the first quarter of 1997.

A flip-up keyboard provides access to a memory expansion slot and additional expansion such as Ethernet networking.

All PowerBook 1400 models come configured with Mac OS system software Version 7.5.3 and productivity, utility, communications, and compatibility software. This includes ClarisWorks, Claris Organizer, Apple Internet Connection Kit software, and Claris Emailer Lite.

The 117-MHz configurations of the PowerBook 1400 are expected to be available in mid-November. Availability of the 133-MHz version is expected in January of 1997.

Apple stated that the supply of the new PowerBooks "will be constrained through January due to pent-up demand at introduction and until Apple reaches full manufacturing capacity of the product."