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Power your gadgets Hannibal Lecter-style

The Aire Mask concept straps tiny wind turbines in front of your mouth to turn your heavy breathing into renewable electrical power.

AIRE mask while sleeping
Nap time becomes phone charging time. Joao Paulo Lammoglia

There is a dearth of tech products that can also double as accessories for fictional serial killers. If Hannibal Lecter was as into jogging as he was into human consumption, he would have definitely been sporting the Aire mask to power his iPod.

The idea behind the mask it that your breath charges your small electronics. The mask contains small wind turbines that convert your huffing and puffing into renewable power.

Aire mask concept
Breathe deeply. (Click to enlarge.) Joao Paulo Lammoglia

The Aire is just a concept at this point, and it's not very likely to see the light of a local Best Buy shelf anytime soon.

The mask is intriguing enough to have earned a Red Dot design award in the energy category for its creator, Joao Paulo Lammoglia, though it has some aesthetic issues that walk the line between creepy and cool.

Maybe it would look less threatening, if it came in colors like hot pink and lime green.

In the search for renewable-energy sources, it makes sense to go all out and try some new ideas--like strapping wind turbines to your mouth.

I would definitely add an Aire mask to my post-apocalyptic survival kit, along with my Ralph Lauren solar backpack and 1TB Swiss Army Knife for fighting off zombies.

Should the Aire ever make it into production, be sure to grab one for your Mortal Kombat costume.