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'Power Rangers' trailer showcases superpowered outcast teens

No, "Power Rangers" isn't "The Breakfast Club," but fans might see similarities as a group of young misfits come together.

If the five misfits from "The Breakfast Club" developed superpowers, they might have ended up something like the teens in the new "Power Rangers" teaser trailer, released Saturday.

The trailer begins with word that a certain group of students "have to come here every Saturday just to graduate, with all these other weirdos and criminals." But it's not the princess and the jock of John Hughes' days. These five misfit teens will become the Power Rangers, even if they seem at first like a most unlikely group. It's all set to a slow, haunting version of Johnny Cash's famed "I Walk the Line," as performed by 22-year-old singer Halsey.

The trailer was released early, Forbes reports, after a wee-hours leak put a bootleg version online, and by almost noon PT Sunday it had already earned more than 8.4 million views. Fan reviews seemed mixed. Not every YouTube viewer was thrilled about the grim tone of the preview. Some called for more action and less teen drama, and more than one spotted a resemblance to the 2012 superpowered-teen film "Chronicle."

But some felt such an iconic franchise would sell tickets no matter what. Wrote James TM: "Damn, y'all bashing on the trailer but we all know y'all gonna go see it anyway."

There's plenty of time to argue. "Power Rangers" doesn't come out until March 2017.