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'Power Rangers' reboot might be the first of seven films, says studio exec

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer is excited about the prospects of the budding Power Rangers franchise set to hit theatres in 2017.

Saban Entertainment

Lionsgate is banking on it being Morphin' time, with CEO Jon Feltheimer telling Variety that he could see the 2017 "Power Rangers" flick spin out into "five or six or seven" movies.

The reboot was announced earlier this year, and the costume reveal from earlier this month has showed off a decidedly different aesthetic to the original spandex-and-motorcycle-helmet kids show.

The bullish statements from Feltheimer were based on positive response to the high-tech costumes, and the forward thinking calls to mind Marvel and DC announcing movies years ahead in their respective cinematic universes. Which, as we all know, is the correct way to build franchises.

The first of potentially seven Power Rangers movies will be out on March 24, 2017. Of course, seven movies would put it in such illustrious company as the Fast and the Furious franchise. And, I guess, Star Wars.