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Power Rangers Lord Zedd helmet lets you become the '90s TV show villain

Exclusive: The $120 helmet is expected to arrive in spring.


The Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd Premium Collector Helmet.


The Power Rangers spent years fending off Lord Zedd in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series, and Hasbro's latest Lighting Collection role-play helmet will let you look just like Zedd -- or at least his head.

The Lord Zedd Premium Collector Helmet, revealed Friday during Hasbro's Pulse Con, is the latest in a line of Power Rangers helmets. It's a full-scale helmet with adjustable straps, meant to be used for costumes and role playing.

The $120 helmet is scheduled to go on preorder Friday at Hasbro's store and GameStop, with an expected ship date of spring 2022.

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