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Power Rangers Dino Fury's Chromafury Saber scans colors, morphs into matching shades

Exclusive: The sword toy isn't limited to just the color of the Power Rangers.

A new Power Rangers toy revealed Tuesday by Hasbro gives its wielders the ability to change its color with a quick scan of any item around them.


The Power Rangers Dino Fury Chromafury Saber can morph into any color using a scanner on the hilt of the toy.


The Dino Fury Chromafury Saber re-creates the Rangers' weapon from the current season of the show but adds in both color-scanning technology and color-changing LEDs that allow it to take on the color of any current Power Ranger or any other shade.

The sword's scanner is in the end of its hilt and is activated by pressing a button. While Hasbro says it works best with flat objects, scanning a red box should turn the sword red. Scanning an orange piece of paper should turn it orange and so on. 

To make the colors as close as possible, the sword's scanner measures the reflected light color and then translates it into a mixed LED color for the blade. Further tweaks are made in the translation to make the emitted light color look as accurate as possible to the scanned color.


In addition to its color changing abilities, the saber includes a Dino head that can chomp when pressed and sound effects that play while swinging.


The sword's design includes a pressable Dino head that can "chomp" when pressed, and when swinging it, sound and light effects play based on the movement. 

Each set of sound effects will be associated to one of the Power Ranger colors, and when using an alternate color the sound effects will map to whichever is closest. The current colors of the Power Rangers Dino Fury team are red, green, blue, black and pink, with a Gold Ranger arriving to the show later.

The Chromafury Saber will be available this fall and will cost $30 in the US.

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