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'Power Rangers' trailer: More fight, less Johnny Cash

It's morphin' time! The official full trailer for the upcoming "Power Rangers" movie shows big-budget special effects, outcast teens and Bryan Cranston.

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Five misfit kids stumble onto superpowers and must save the world while wearing colorful costumes.

That's the basic premise behind the upcoming "Power Rangers" movie, based on the popular and joyfully cheesy children's superhero TV show. The new official trailer, posted on Thursday, shows off the plentiful budget, serious drama and epic battle scenes involved in the big-screen adaptation.

Lionsgate dropped an teaser trailer back in October last year. It kicked off to a melancholy, darkly dramatic cover of Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" that left us wondering how serious this movie is going to feel. The new full trailer shows there's a sense of humor tucked in along with the superpowers and teen angst.

The villain looks like a techno version of Poison Ivy, but with a penchant for destroying the ground around her. "Breaking Bad" fans will get a kick out of actor Bryan Cranston's appearance as a talking wall. There's talk of destiny, a sweeping soundtrack and hints of the big fights to come.

Is "Power Rangers" for kids? Is it for nostalgic adults or superhero-movie fans? It seems to be aiming for all of the above. The film will mighty-morph itself into theaters in March.

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