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Power plays for processors

A new laptop from HP could be just the thing to get Dell to reconsider its stance on AMD. Also: The future of Sun's Sparc architecture.

AMD's 64-bit Turion fits different niches at Hewlett-Packard and Acer. Also: Xeon, Itanium and Opteron chips jockey for position in new supercomputer rankings.

Could HP's AMD laptop sway Dell?

If ever there were a case for Dell to do a Texas two-step to AMD, analyst says, the Compaq nx6125 might just be it.
June 24, 2005

McNealy on message

newsmaker Sun's CEO lets loose on topics from the company's cash-flow situation to its status as a chip industry survivor.
June 24, 2005

Acer, HP take different paths with AMD's Turion

One new notebook is for entertaining and the other is for getting down to business.
June 22, 2005

New supercomputers overhaul top ranks

Stays at the top of supercomputer hill are becoming increasingly short-lived; five of the top 10 systems are new to the list.
Photos: The fastest supercomputer
June 22, 2005

HP releases lower-end dual-core Opteron servers

ProLiant servers will use AMD's dual-core Opteron chips, which combine two processing engines on each slice of silicon.
June 21, 2005

Living the LAN life

Game enthusiasts convene in San Francisco to battle one another for prizes and bragging rights.
Photos: LAN mania hits S.F.
June 21, 2005

Bye-bye, single-chip Power Mac

Apple says it's selling off the last of its single-processor Power Mac G5s in favor of an all dual-chip lineup.
June 20, 2005

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Firm bets the time's finally right to chuck desktops

Better bandwidth, rising maintenance costs will prompt companies to consider thin clients managed by third parties, Savvis says.
June 22, 2005