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Power outage halts Microsoft's financial analyst meeting

Shortly after the closely-watched annual meeting's live stream went dark, the company tweeted, "Fuse blew in the building. Power went down. Should be restored shortly."


In the middle of Microsoft's closely-watched annual financial analyst meeting, a blown fuse shorted out some of the power in the company's Redmond, Wash., campus headquarters, causing the meeting's live stream to go dark.

Shortly after the live stream was interrupted, Microsoft tweeted this news:

This year's financial analyst meeting is most likely one of Microsoft's most closely watched annual meetings to date with speakers including CEO Steve Ballmer, CFO Amy Hood, and COO Kevin Turner. There was no financial analyst meeting in 2012. But this year, the company decided to resurrect the meeting and use it as a way to articulate the company's new financial reporting structure.

The outage lasted roughly 20 minutes. Coming back online, Microsoft announced that it experienced a "partial power outage and we are back online." The company said it was going to keep with the meeting's schedule and access to the entire presentation should be available on Microsoft's investor Web site.