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Power Mitt is oven-friendly version of classic Power Glove

The much-maligned Power Glove gaming controller continues to live on in infamy, and now, specifically, as a silicone oven mitt.

Power Mitt oven glove
Hold on to all your hot stuff in style. Pete Hottelet

The Power Glove will always hold a special place in gaming history. It was officially licensed by Nintendo (which had nothing to do with its creation) and built by Mattel. It first appeared in 1989 and pretty much no one liked it thanks to the sloppy controls. But it sure looked cool. It looked like someone had skinned a robot and turned it into a glove. That's why the Power Glove will never truly go away, as evidenced by an oven mitt crafted to look like it.

The Power Mitt oven glove is currently raising funds on Indiegogo. It's made from silicone to withstand oven temperatures. You will have to make your own video game sound effects for when you use it to pull pans out. Pew pew!

The Power Mitt is going for a $39 pledge and will only be made if funding reaches $18,000. The molds are already made and a prototype has been created. The only problem is you probably won't want to hide it away in your kitchen. Consider wearing it out for a Halloween costume dedicated to classic gaming.

The glove is designed to fit anyone with a 4-inch-wide or smaller palm. If the campaign catches steam and gets over 1,000 units, the campaign says, a large size will be made. If things get really crazy and the campaign gets over 1,500 units, then a left-hand version will be in the works, so you could have a matching glove set.

The Power Mitt is pretty stylin', and much more useful than the original Power Glove. It's a fitting tribute to a less-than-stellar moment in gaming history.

Power Mitt palm
The palm side of the Power Mitt. Pete Hottelet