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Power-fluff-up! Super Mario cat furniture is surprisingly stylish

Treat your feline friend to a custom playhouse with Super Mario warp tubes and a question box.

Mario cat furniture
This cat obviously knows how to game. CatastrophiCreations

If you have trouble peeling your cat away from epic sessions of Super Mario, then consider Etsy seller CatastrophiCreations' custom-made Mario cat furniture. It's about time retro-gaming-fan felines got some cat condos designed for their specific interests.

The wall-mounted pieces are done in stylish earth tones, but the design is unmistakably Mario. The $190 Super Mario cat complex features two sisal-lined warp tubes for your geeky cat to crawl into and out of. There is a question-mark prize box in the middle.

The $210 jumbo Mario cat complex is described as being for "huskier cats." It's the same design as the less expensive option, but offers more room for cats who may be a little short on exercise. Which is what can happen if they sit around on the couch all day eating Whiskas Temptations and playing video games.

The Mario playhouses are crafted from pine, while the puzzle box is covered with a see-through, pet-resistant screen so you can watch Miss Flumperwhomps snoozing inside. They are held to the wall with brackets attached to studs.

If Mario isn't your thing, CatastrophiCreations also offers an Indiana Jones swaying bridge for $150, minus the part in the movie where Indy cuts through the rope and it all goes flying into a cliff wall.

Cat explores Mario playhouse
This cat's name is "Heisenberg." For real. CatastrophiCreations

(Via Hauspanther)