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Power Fish'n hybrid reel catches fish on autopilot

Motorized reel will automatically pull in your catch at the push of a switch. You don't even have to set down your beer.

Power Fish'n Pro hybrid reel
Get your motor running and reel in a fish. Rock Island Equipment Company

Fishing is supposed to be relaxing. Kick up your feet, have a cold domestic brew, and wait for the little swimmers to nibble on the bait. This calm experience is sometimes rudely interrupted by the flurries of energy required to reel in a fish.

If you have a Power Fish'n Pro Hybrid Reel from Rock Island Equipment Company, you won't even have to set down your beer to catch a bass. It's the ultimate fishing relaxation-enhancement gadget.

The Power Fish'n Pro uses a standard Shakespeare spinning reel with a motor that activates at the push of a switch. The motor is quiet enough not to scare away your prey. You can still set it to manual mode if you want the full thrill of the hunt. It runs on four AA batteries.

This isn't a case of another gadget for lazy Americans. It's aimed at people with disabilities and senior fishers that could use a little extra assistance.

The $199.95 Power Fish'n hybrid reel is designed for fresh-water fishing. It's not going to be much help in pulling in that half-ton swordfish off the Florida coast. It may give you a leg up in reeling in an Air Swimmer, though.

Chuck with a hybrid reel
All I know is that this guy is named Chuck and he caught this fish with a Power Fish'n reel. Rock Island Equipment Company