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Power all your gadgets from the cupholder

Targus makes use of the space with a unit that includes a 120-volt AC plug and USB port.


As some people insist on turning their cars into vehicular workstations, we can expect to see more peripherals to help make their offices more efficient behind the wheel. One under-utilized spot is the cupholder--and that's where this next item comes in.

The "Targus 100W Cupholder Style Auto Power Inverter" fits snugly in the space that alternately holds your coffee and powers your gadgets with 100 to 150 watts through its 120-volt AC plug, according to Uncrate. Additional convenience comes in the form of USB and PPS ports for mobile phones and other handheld devices.

The only downside is that you'll have to hold your beverage if your car has only one cupholder. But you didn't need those extra calories from that caramel macchiato anyway.