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Pour some Zucch-er on me

Zucch Sugar Pourer makes an attractive addition to your breakfast table

MoMA Store

No, it's not a crystal ball that will help you see your future. What it will help you do, however, it add a little sweetness to your tea or coffee.

The Zucch Sugar Pourer is a stunning way to hold one of my favorite spices, made of thick, double-walled glass. The visual effect is that of an orb floating in midair. The sugar isn't included, but there are plenty of pretty varieties that would look great, like raw sugar or lightly colored varieties. Sugar is poured from a small hole at the top, and the pourer is refilled through a wider hole at the base with a removable rubber cover.

The Zucch is available through the MoMA Store's Web site for $50.00.