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Potstickers with your favorite flavors

If potstickers are one of your favorites, the Cook Joy Gyoza Maker can crank out enough potstickers for a party.

The Cook Joy Gyoza Maker Japan Trend Shop

Gyoza, or potstickers, are a favorite appetizer at many Japanese restaurants. Making them at home can be a bit more difficult than some other dishes--just making sure that each potsticker has a seal before you start cooking it can be a challenge. The Cook Joy Gyoza Maker makes the process much easier: if you pick up a pack of potsticker or wonton wrappers, you can make a whole batch of gyoza quickly. It works equally well with gyoza dough, which is available at many Asian markets. Just lay the wrapper across the top of the gyoza maker and place your favorite filling on the wrapper. A seal helps you make sure that every bit of filling lands right in the middle. Turn the crank and the gyoza maker will press the wrapper into the shape of a potsticker, sealing each edge perfectly.

The Cook Joy Gyoza Maker comes with a second set of rollers, which will let you crack out wontons just as quickly as you make gyoza. With a little experimentation, you can also use the gyoza maker for certain types of dumplings or filled pastas. Each part of the Cook Joy Gyoza Maker is dishwasher-safe. It costs $50.