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Potato chip soda melds salty spuds with cola craziness

Gamers, rejoice. A favorite snack and a sugary beverage are coming together in a flavor fusion for the ages.

Take a swig of some potato chips.

Bandai Namco

Potato chips and soda are often found together in the wild. They may even share space in your mouth simultaneously. It took Japanese gaming company Namco to truly put the two together into a harmonious melding known as "potato chips-flavored cola."

You might imagine that this magical drink tastes like unicorn tears mixed with the heavenly sounds of angels singing, but it really is supposed to mimic a combination of salty fried tubers and soda pop mooshed together in liquid form.

Let's check in with Google's delightful translation of the product description: "'Potato chips flavored cola' is completely reproduce the mouth when pouring the potato chips in the cola!" That sounds incredible. But wait, there's more: "It became just kill two birds with one stone products enjoy a snack sensation to drink."

The only drink that could possibly give this pop a run for its money is the Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew that mysteriously appeared for a brief and glorious taste-test moment back in late 2014.

The marketing image for the soda is priceless. It features a well-dressed man having a complete freak-out at the mere idea of the drink's existence. His expression accurately mimics the look I had on my face when I found out about the crazy beverage. What's missing is my grief-stricken visage of sadness upon realizing the product is only coming out in Japan.

The soda will be a special prize available at Namco arcades in Japan beginning on March 18. If you want one, you'll need to go there and win. If you succeed, be sure to write and tell me how amazingly delicious it is.

(Via RocketNews24)