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Pot munchies vending machine makes Colorado debut

Vending machines are aiming a little higher with the newly unveiled Zazzz, a vehicle for getting marijuana edibles into the hands of hungry customers.

Zazzz vending machine

Buy some snack buds soon.

Herbal Elements

Since Colorado legalized marijuana, entrepreneurs have been busy coming up with creative ways to serve the pot-smoking-and-munching clientele. A special vending machine from Tranzbyte is all set to deliver treats made with marijuana, rather than the usual bags of chips and candy.

The machine, called Zazzz, had its welcome party over the weekend at Montana's Smokehouse, a restaurant in Avon, Colo. It will eventually be moved to a store called Herbal Elements, which specializes in making edible treats with pot as an ingredient. Those snacks range from wafer cookies to Cheeba Chews to lollipops (or would that be lollipots?). Herbal Elements plans to provide the edible items for the machine to vend.

The machine's maker says it will include technology that requires a buyer to have a medical marijuana card and verify his identity before making a purchase. It will be located in a licensed dispensary, not just sitting out on the street somewhere.

The Zazzz isn't open for business just yet. Tranzbyte is still checking to make sure it complies with regulations before giving it the green light to offer up the green stuff in snack-food form. If all goes as planned, these vending machines may be stocked with more than just brownies and suckers someday; it could conceivably sell small packages of smokable weed, essentially acting as a quick DIY check-out option for customers.

The convenience of the vending machine combined with products that both induce and satisfy the munchies could make the Zazzz a popular stop for medical marijuana patients looking to avoid the long lines generated by legalizing pot for recreational users. It joins an illustrious lineup of unusual vending machines including those that stock meat, beer, and burritos.

(Via NPR)