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Post-WWDC keynote impressions

Post-WWDC keynote impressions

Now that was a Monday morning. Properly caffeinated and ready to go with my wireless input device at Moscone West, I waited anxiously for the bassy PA system to die down and for the Apple keynote to begin (meanwhile, Jasmine France was hanging out at the Apple Store, ready to pounce on any new iStuff). When Steve Jobs popped onstage, I just knew we weren't getting an iPod, or an iPhone, or an iTunes Movie Store. This (and all the show floor buzz prior to the keynote) was all about the D in WWDC, nothing else. So we got the final link in the Mactel chain (the Xeon-powered flagship Mac Pro), a pimped-out server, and a preview of the upcoming Leopard variety of OS X. As Steve wrapped up his presentation, the whole auditorium knew the patented "one more thing..." message was not going to happen.

Though Leopard's visually pleasing features, such as Time Machine, Web Clip, fancy-looking e-mail, and Core Animation were impressive (while all the snarky Microsoft bashing was less impressive), we were left wondering what all that pre-event hype was all about. We got widgets instead of gadgets. No fault to Apple--it'll probably send out an evite for a special "red carpet" iPod event soon enough--but expectations were set pretty high by rumor-mongering media. So I ask, are you sick of the rumors? Or is this just about pure entertainment?