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Post Week-end web sites

Post Week-end web sites

OS 8 tips Dana Nau has posted a collection of Mac OS 8 "quick fixes" to address "various problems with applications and system extensions."

Graphics news According to Macintosh Graphics News, PenTools is incompatible with Extensis PhotoTools. Moving the PhotoTools folder out of the Photoshop plug-ins folder solves the problem. The problem only happens if you have one or more PhotoBars showing.
This web page also has some graphics-centric coverage of Macworld Expo.

Cachevariations When you buy your next Mac speed-demon, knowing the difference between external cache, in-line cache and backside cache will be increasingly important. Several articles now delve into this new bit of technical detail. One in the September Macworld (by Tova Fliegel) provides a good overview.