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Post-Week-End Updates

Post-Week-End Updates

File Buddy 4.3 is out. So is Font Manager 3.7.3. And what would an update list be without a new version of CopyThru (3.1)? Descriptions of these programs are in the Download Library.

Rumor has it that much anticipated Speed Doubler 8 will be out this week. Watch the Connectix web site for an official announcement.

Myrmidon 2.0 is a major upgrade to Terry Morse's fine program for converting a document from any application into a Web page - with just one click. "Thanks to its exclusive Wizzy-Web technology, Myrmidon creates a Web page that looks virtually identical to the original document." A free Updater and Demo version can be found at Terry's web site. I am looking forward to checking this out myself, and will report back on my impressions soon.