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Post-CES appliance deals on last year's models

From Home Deals: CES means new models of appliances, which means great deals on the old ones. We look for the best deals in the wake of the year's biggest trade show.

Best Buy

In case you missed it, last week was CES 2017, the show where the great and the good of the technology world roll out new models. As any smart shopper knows, new models means great deals on the old ones as retailers clear out their stocks. So, let's look at what smart deals are available on last year's appliances.


The Samsung AddWash WF50K7500 washing machine

Best Buy

Samsung rolled out its FlexDry system at CES, an interesting new take on washers and dryers that puts two of each in one, so you can wash (and dry) a hot and delicate load at the same time. So where does that leave last year's AddWash system that included a small door in the front to add an item to the wash? On sale is where: Best Buy has the flagship WF50K7500 on sale for $1,249.99, $250 off the typical price last year. If you don't mind going for a refurbished model, you can get it even cheaper: Sears Outlet is offering it for between $640 and $895, depending on condition. We tested this model last year and found that it was a good performer, but that the extra door didn't add that much to the usability. Still, it's a great high-end washer with a huge 5-cubic-foot capacity, and it's an even better deal on sale.

LG wowed the crowds with its new Smart InstaView refrigerator, a new smart appliance with a see-through display that lets you see what's inside. It also includes Alexa support, so you can order things from Amazon on your refrigerator. In 2016, it announced the LG Signature line, featuring a refrigerator which was fundamentally the same, except for the Alexa support. That refrigerator still has the niftiest feature of the InstaView: Tap on the screen and it turns transparent to show you what's inside. It's still an expensive model, though: Appliance Connection has it for $6,319, about $1,000 off the typical retail price. I'll bet that's a lot cheaper than the InstaView will be -- and for $50 you can stick an Amazon Echo Dot on top and talk to your refrigerator as much as you want.


The Whirlpool WFWA87HEDW washing machine

Chris Monroe/CNET

Whirlpool has been hard at work competing with the Korean giants of the appliance world, announcing products with high-end features including a window-in-door model and that most of its 2017 appliances will include Alexa support. This means that some of its older models are on the sales list. For example, there's the Whirlpool WFW87HED. Originally on sale for $1,200, this non-smart washer is now on sale for $648 at ABT. It may not be able to talk back to you, but it's a sweet deal.