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Possible SNES controller for the Switch makes its way through the FCC

Nintendo may have a new retro controller in the works.


An SNES controller may be heading to the Switch. 


Ready for more retro Nintendo? Either way, it appears that more classics will soon be making a comeback. In a new Federal Communications Commission filing, spotted by a member of the Resetera forums, Nintendo appears to have received approval from the government agency for a new Bluetooth controller that looks an awful lot like a SNES controller. 

Few further details were revealed in the filing, but the accessory carries a model name of "HAC-042," which implies it will be for the Switch console. (The Switch is model HAC-001, the Joy-Con controllers are HAC-015.)

Nintendo currently allows subscribers to its $20-a-year Nintendo Switch Online service to be able to download and play a wide assortment of NES games -- and even sells NES controllers that work with its latest console

While it is possible that a new wireless controller could be on the way for the company's $80 SNES Classic, it would make sense for the company to add the SNES and classic games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart to the Switch. 

The company recently announced a new version of its handheld console, the Switch Lite, which doesn't have removable controllers like the original Switch. Expanding the range of wireless controllers would seem to make sense in light of the, er, Lite.

When contacted by CNET, Nintendo said that it has "nothing to announce on this topic." 

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Updated 11:05 a.m. PT on August 13: Added comment from Nintendo.