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Possible new iNQ Mobile handset hits FCC

Crave gives you the details on recent cell phone filings with the FCC.

iNQ's new U.S.-bound handset?
Is this iNQ's new U.S.-bound handset? FCC

It's time once again for us to reveal our FCC findings to you, and this week's standouts are the Sony Ericsson U100a and the Huawei Q1-200H, which bears the iNQ Mobile logo on it. To jog your memory, iNQ Mobile is a cell phone maker that promises to bring smartphone-level technology to non-smartphone devices. You won't get a full HTML browser or corporate e-mail per say, but you will get full social networking capabilities to Facebook and Twitter for example. So far, iNQ has been quiet about a U.S. presence, but perhaps this FCC filing points toward a potential U.S. carrier deal.

Because the FCC has to certify every phone sold in the United States, not to mention test its SAR rating, the agency's online database offers a lot of sneak peeks to those who dig. And to save you the trouble, Crave has combed through the database for you. Here are a selection of filings from the past week on new and upcoming cell phones. Click through to read the full report.

Beyond E-Tech Duet E010
HTC PB00100
Huawei Q1-200H
LG GU280
LG GU285f
LG VX8370
Samsung GT-B7330
Samsung SCH-R355
Samsung SGH-T105G
Sony Ericsson U100a