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Possible iPad 5 Smart Covers shown off in video

What look very much like new Smart Covers for Apple's next iPad crop up weeks before the tablet is expected to be announced.

Unbox Therapy

On top of already numerous leaks about Apple's next iPads is a new video depicting what appear to be updated versions of the company's Smart Cover accessory.

This is the magnetic cover that plays double duty as a screen protector and foldable stand for iPads. Apple introduced the $39 accessory alongside the iPad 2 back in 2011, and the product has remained largely the same since the iPad form factor hasn't changed either.

That's not expected to be the case with the fifth-generation iPad, which several leaks have suggested will take on a look similar to that of the iPad Mini, with slimmer sides and more tightly angled edges. That narrower front will require new Smart Covers, which Unbox Therapy showed off in a video on Thursday.

The site, which published hands-on videos with components from what appear to be Apple's next iPad and iPad Mini earlier this month, has what look like all of the new colors in polyurethane. That includes what appear to be a new orange color and a darker version of green.

The video demos the products, which have not been announced, attaching easily to leaked iPad exterior parts. Not shown off are the leather versions of the covers, or the sister product the Smart Case, which combines a smart cover with a rear shell that protects the back.

Of note, the design of the Smart Covers look just like the ones Apple currently offers on the iPad, with exposed aluminum where the magnetic hinge latches on. The product has not taken on the fully-wrapped look of the one Apple made for last year's iPad Mini.

Apple is expected to unveil its next iPad at an event next month. The company did the same thing last year, where it also introduced the iPad Mini alongside upgraded Macs.

You can watch the whole thing below: