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Portal fight intensifies

The battle to be the gateway site for Netizens rages on, with new players entering the game and traditional portals upping the ante.

The battle to be the gateway site for PortalopolyNetizens rages on, with new players entering the game and already-established portals trying every trick to appeal to the broadest-possible audience. Offline businesses also are turning to the portals for deals when they want to get the word out on the Net.

GeoCities entering portal race?
update The Web community quietly launches a redesigned home page and adds links to content and commerce sites.

Lycos growth up despite charges
Acquisition charges weighed heavy on the Internet directory during its most recent quarter, but revenue and e-commerce deals nevertheless boosted its revenue.

SportsLine, E*Trade team up
SportsLine USA and Net investment firm E*Trade announce a deal that will shore up SportsLine's attempts to compete in the exploding "portal" business.

AOL adopts antitakeover plan
The online giant's board of directors has adopted a new shareholder rights plan aimed at warding off any unsolicited takeover attempts.

Lycos does site with nonprofit
update The portal firm teams up with nonprofit EnviroLink for a cobranded Web site about environmental issues.

MasterCard gives Excite credit
Eager to establish itself online, the creditor sponsors Excite's Shopping Channel and will be its preferred payment method.

Netscape guides China on Net
Internet heavyweight Netscape plans to launch a Chinese-language Net guide with Hong Kong-based China Internet Corporation.