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Portable microwave for the road

Can plug into any standard car cigarette lighter

The Frank Group

Office food thieves, beware. Your illicit supply is about to run dry.

That's because co-workers no longer need to keep their food in the communal fridge for microwaving at lunchtime. Instead, they can just keep it at their desk and microwave it inside the lunchbox itself. The "WaveBox," combined with its "CoolWave" liner, is an all-in-one food receptacle and cooking appliance. The latter keeps the contents fresh until you're ready to eat, when you can then flip a switch and microwave your grub right inside the WaveBox, according to Popgadget.

Billed as the "world's smallest portable microwave," the $200 oven is about the size of a large lunchbox or a small cooler and can plug into the car's cigarette lighter as well as any standard wall outlet--making it ideal for the bona fide road warrior. After all, it's only natural to want some fresh popcorn while watching a movie behind the wheel.