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Portable Internet radio roundup

Looking for an Internet radio you can take on-the-go? CNET's Donald Bell rounds up his six favorite portable Internet radio options.

The Logitech Squeezebox Radio is versatile and portable. CNET

Internet radios offer an astounding selection of music from around the world. Whether it's personalized radio from folks like Pandora and Slacker, news from BBC, or a DJ-curated hip-hop mix beamed out of Peru, there's always something worth listening to on the Internet's airwaves.

Tuning in to an Internet radio broadcast typically happens at your computer, on your smartphone, or using a standalone tabletop Internet radio receiver. Beyond your smartphone, however, there are not a whole lot of ways to tune into Internet radio on-the-go.

Fortunately, the few non-phone methods for tuning in Internet radio without the wires are surprisingly good, and they span a diverse range of categories, such as tablets, alarm clocks, and portable media players.

See CNET's favorite portable Internet radio options.