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Portable ice rink turns yard into hockey heaven

Portable rink can be used for parties, hockey or skating practice in cold climates.

Unless the San Francisco Bay Area gets hit by an uncharacteristic chill this winter, we on the Left Coast will be locked out of enjoying this portable ice rink sold at Hammacher Schlemmer. But that doesn't mean our compatriots in colder climes can't get in on the fun of ice skating and hockey in the backyard.

Portable ice rink

The rink, which we spotted on Luxist, can be used when temperatures dip below 32 F and stay at freezing for two to three consecutive days. In case of a thaw or rain, the frame's locking system keeps water inside the rink, and rigid plastic at the bottom protects it from skate damage if the ice gets too thin.

A 37-foot rink sells for $700, with other sizes available as well. Blue and red lines mark hockey zones just like professional ice hockey rinks. Cutesy skating costumes and Tonya Harding-style drama, however, are not included.

(Photo: Luxist)