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Portable grill unfolds into a party

The Picnic Time Portagrillo Portable Gas Grill transforms into an easy-to-carry case that can be taken almost anywhere.

Vroom, vroom, party starter. Chef's Catalog

Like most guys, I like things that unfold into other things. If it assembles and disassembles into various parts and accessories, you got my attention. If those parts unfurl into a grill, then I'm sold. Unlatch it, unfold it, bend it this way then that, and you got yourself the means for a tailgate party anytime, anywhere.

The Picnic Time Portagrillo Portable Gas Grill features fold up legs and slide out trays that reveal to be a convenient grill. With 263 square inches of cooking real estate, the compact and easy-to-carry grill is the perfect accompaniment to tailgate parties and picnics. Using propane as the fuel further increases the convenience offered by this grill--no messy charcoal or lighter fluid to deal with. Best part (other than eating, of course), is that when it's cool, the handy Portagrillo folds and slides back up into an easy carry case.

Not too unlike the popular toy car robots sold by the same name (except I don't think you can grill with those), this grill transforms into a fun accessory for sunny days. While I certainly appreciate a grill that facilitates the ability to get my grill on, I think the concept could be taken further. Luckily for us, Picnic Time also produces a grill that carries beer.