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Portable bars combine marketing, tailgating

Event Hog, the makers of BrandStands fuse marketing and tailgating into one. Slap your brand name on one and literally roll up to the venue.

An Event Hog BrandStand
An Event Hog BrandStand. Event Hog

There are perhaps only a few places and times when really great ideas are born into existence. While doing the dishes, in the shower, perhaps at the beach while watching the waves endlessly cycle through their inspiring rhythms. Or maybe the truly good ones are saved for another activity surrounding a liquid: Drinking beer in a parking lot with some buddies. Which is exactly how Event Hog got its start.

The team at Event Hog brainstormed their line of BrandStands as a central gathering spot at entertainment events. The theory stemmed from a simple idea of creating a familiar environment--a bar--and packing it up and putting it on wheels. Add some novel looking decor and you got yourself a bona fide attraction and gathering spot. Splash your brand identity all over the place and get people drunk to close the deal. It's a proud time-honored tradition of which I will not argue with.

Clients have ranged from Playboy to Budweiser and the BrandStands have inevitably ended up at tailgate events. Considering the genesis of the idea, drinking beers in a parking lot, it seems quite the appropriate venue for these portable bars. Perhaps, for your next brainstorming networking marketing schmooze fest you can take one of these things out for a tailgating party and come up with your own truly great ideas.

Via Bornrich