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Porsche's phone ready for starting flag

Ready, set--deposit $1,600.


Considering how much publicity is given to high-profile phones these days, it's surprising that more hasn't been said about Porsche's entry into the handset race. That all could change soon, however, as the phone's launch apparently isn't too far off.

Pocket-lint says the 3G mobile handset will make its U.K. debut in November, sporting a touch screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, an MP3 player and, as we reported earlier, fingerprint-recognition security. Perhaps most impressive, Porsche's "concierge service" will handle any issues to arise with the handset.

Of course, all this comes at the premium price of 800 pounds, or just under $1,600. For that kind of money, they should at least throw in a free oil change.