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Porsche's phone gets bleached

And we still can't get one.


As believers in the universal worship of gadgetry, we at Crave do our level best to tolerate products that are restricted to certain geographic regions even if they're outside the United States. But sometimes there are products that deserve to be shared equally--especially those that don't include us. Case in point: The Porsche phone.

We're not talking about one of those pimped-out Goldstriker numbers that just use Porsche leather, but the real thing in all its solid aluminum-block goodness. After all, our U.K. counterparts have already gotten their grubby continental mitts all over one, and they've held it over us ever since.

Now, adding even more insult to injury (as if that were possible), T3 says Porsche Design is coming out with a new white collection for the P'9521 handset--for the European market, of course. And here we are, stuck with our hand-cranked radio.