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Porsche Museum opens its doors

The museum, which opens to the public on January 31, boasts exhibit space for 80 vehicles and another 200 Porsche-related items on display.

The new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart boasts a building designed by the architects Delugan Meissl. Porsche

There is some good news in the auto industry for car geeks this week.

The Porsche Museum at the company's headquarters in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, Germany, opened its doors to VIPs and the press today, with a full public opening planned for January 31.

The museum boasts exhibit space for 80 vehicles, with another 200 Porsche-related items of memorabilia on display.

Present at the opening was Stuttgart's mayor, Porsche's chairman of the board Wendelin Wiedeking, and members of the Porsche family.

"At this meeting point, we welcome our international customers as well as numerous people from all over the world who themselves may not drive a Porsche but are nonetheless fascinated by our sports cars," Wiedeking announced in a statement to the press.

Porsche said it hopes to get at least 200,000 visitors a year to its museum.

Below is the gallery with full details on the museum and its cars.