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Porsche gets into the GPS game

Porsche gets into the GPS game

We have Ferrari-inspired laptops, so why not Porsche-designed portable nav systems? Porsche has partnered with navigation software developer Navigon to bring you the P9611. The unit runs Navigon Mobile Navigator 6 software and is powered by a 520MHz Intel XScale processor. The P9611 is also said to sport a 480x272-resolution screen. Other details are pretty sparse at this point, but Gizmodo has a picture of it. I don't know; the design looks pretty sleek, I guess, but is worth the $955 asking price? Maybe if you're a high roller or a brand-name shopper. It's hard to say without knowing what else it has to offer, but I can't imagine that it'll have anything that the rest of the nav systems don't at this point. The P9611 is expected to start shipping in October.