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Porsche engineers a new audio system

Unique design embeds speakers inside control knobs.


We've seen everything from toasters to coffee makers developed by Porsche Design, so it's always nice when they come out with something that's a little farther along on the high-tech evolutionary scale. And the Porsche Audio System fits that bill, at least where design is concerned.

What makes it different are the three dials that control the volume, AM/FM radio, and other functions, which are hollow for a good reason: There's a speaker in the middle of each one, in a 1.5-inch cone, complementing the 3-inch subwoofer in the back, SlashGear says. A separate dock accommodates an iPod or other MP3 player. Topping it all off is an acrylic finish that has the appearance of black glass, and even a remote that looks good.