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Hard of hearing? Pornhub now provides audio description for its adult films

The porn streaming site's latest initiative aims to give the visually impaired a helping hand by offering professional narration to accompany its most popular videos.


In March, Pornhub sent out thousands of VR goggles so its tech-savy users could enjoy the virtual reality revolution for free. Now, the porn streaming site is looking to take care of another section of its userbase: the visually impaired.

Pornhub on Wednesday announced its "Described Video" feature. It adds audio description to the site's most popular videos to explain the otherwise bewildering sounds one might hear in a porn flick. 50 of the site's most popular "straight, female-friendly, gay, bi and transsexual videos" got the Described Video treatment, with more to come in future. Professional voice actors provide the voice overs, as does Pornhub Aria. Who or what is Pornhub Aria? Pornhub's social media personality, of course.

The campaign seeks to explore "how we can not only better serve the visually impaired, but to also understand how to make the site accessible to all," the company said in a statement.

The move by Pornhub follows similar initiatives by Facebook and Twitter, who have also been seeking to make their platforms more accessible to the visually impaired.