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Porcelain Memory

Charles and Marie feature porcelain memory sticks

Is memory no longer precious? With USB keys being given away as the cheap schwag of the day... cellphones and mp3 players supporting gigs and gigs of data... tiny cards full of data that you toss around your desk as you switch between digicams... What do you use to keep your important data? How do you give them the special storage space they deserve? How about these Porcelain Memory sticks on sale at Charles and Marie? As described on Charles and Marie "Mokkatanten sort of translates to 'elderly aunts drinking coffee and bickering' - not quite what the two founders Cora Gebauer and Insa Doan are, who are in fact working in Amsterdam and Berlin and have just released the Porcelain Memory, a 1GB memory stick in a handmade porcelain case featuring USB 2.0. The Porcelain Memory turns the traditional notion of a memory stick on its head and offers a hand crafted, beautifully glazed piece of technology in a non-tech body, and the presentation really shines when the operating LED starts glowing through the china."