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Popurls joins live geo-traffic party

See what stories are getting clicks as they're happening on a nice big map with Popurls.TV.

Metagator Popurls has a fun new feature this morning called Popurls.TV that shows you a real-time traffic map of links people are clicking on, and also where they're clicking from. Clicking any single link will take you right to the original story. It's across between Digg Spy and Twittervision, and like the former, it's a fun way to see what's popular on the site. For a more exact account of what's doing well, there are also three sets of links above the map to show you the most trafficked stories within the last hour, day, and 78 hours.

If you feel so inclined, there's a full screen mode for the map, although I wouldn't recommend it unless you've got a speedy connection, as links tend to jump so fast, there's not a lot of time for it to catch up.

This isn't nearly as cool as some of the visualizations coming out of Digg's labs, but I think it's almost necessary at this point for content aggregation sites to provide several ways to ingest content besides a front page. The next logical step is for Popurls to let people browse geo map clicks by time, to see which stories are the most popular in which region at various points during the day.

[via Center Networks]

Popurls.TV shows you what people are clicking on in real time, along with where they're from. CNET Networks