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Pope sends first papal tweet using an iPad, too holy to play Angry Birds

His Holiness the Pope has launched the Vatican's new website by tweeting the holiest of tweets. It was sent using an iPad, but we doubt the Pope will be doing much else with it.

Pope Benedict XVI has joined the tweeting masses, his holy first 140 characters announcing the launch of the Vatican's new website -- -- from the silky smooth surface of an iPad.

Rather than the standard first tweet of, "Hey, so I'm on Twitter. What now? LOL!" His Holiness went for the rather more Catholic-friendly, "Dear Friends, I just launched Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI." It's to the point, but it never hurts to open with a joke.

The Pope was seen sending the first tweet using Apple's tablet -- it suspiciously looked like a first-generation model, the cheapskate -- with which he also officially launched the Vatican's new website.

The opening of the site tied in with the Pope's 60th ordination anniversary -- we're assuming a righteous knees-up will also be on the cards. It's the Vatican's hope that the Pope can be seen as more forward-thinking, embracing new technologies to enable him to speak to a wider, and hopefully younger audience.

The Pope did not tweet from his own account, but rather hijacked the Vatican's Twitter account, @news_va_en. This sadly means you won't be able to follow the Pope personally to hear about his day, what he's having for dinner or what funny links he's found on reddit. Although if he keeps that iPad, he may not be able to fight the Twitter urge, setting up his own account and crossing that pontiff no return (sorry).

It's encouraging to see the Pope making use of new tech, but we're not convinced that iPad will see the likes of Angry Birds -- what is the official Catholic stance on flinging birds at pigs? We're fairly sure he's safe in getting the official Crave app, although all the gadget-worshipping might prove rather too idolatrous.

If you're the leader of a world religion, let us know what you think in the comments section, or via a prayer to our Facebook page.