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The pope gets 3D-printed, so now you can bring him home

Want your own pope at home? This photorealistic 3D-printed mini pope looks very lifelike, and a bit creepy.

This is very likely the world's first 3D-printed pope. Staramba

If you didn't have a chance to catch Pope Francis at any of the whistle stops on his 10-day tour of Cuba and the United States, fear not. Berlin-based 3D-printing company Staramba has come out with a line of 3D-printed popes that will let you visit with a replica of the spiritual leader every day.

The company specializes in photorealistic miniatures of famous sports stars and other celebrities -- a category that certainly seems to fit the pope, judging by the rock-star reception he got on his tour.

The figures look very lifelike -- and also rather creepy, like they leapt out of an episode of "The Twilight Zone" in which some dejected genius child shrunk down his favorite heroes so he could keep them on a shelf in his room. Or maybe I just watch too much TV.

In either case, if you want to get your hands on a mini-pope, you can get one with him standing in front of a variety of backdrops from his recent tour including Havana, New York and Philadelphia. There's also a version of him at his current home in Rome (well, technically, Vatican City), standing in front of St. Peter's Basilica with the base covered in a replica of the painting inside the church's famous dome.

The figures are available in 1:15 scale for $69.95 (about £46, AU$100) and 1:10 scale for $99.95 (about £66, AU$142). A special limited-edition model of Pope Francis in 1:7 scale in front of St. Peter's will set you back $249.95 (about £164, AU$356).

The figures are created with a 3D-printing material known as sandstone, in which a gypsum-based powder is held together with a binding agent. Shipping is available worldwide and is handled via FedEx in the United States for an additional $23.50.