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Behold the beauty of popcorn in super-slow motion

A common snack rises to the level of art in a video that slows down the popcorn popping process, creating a gorgeous meditation on corn.

Sometimes we just need to slow down and smell the popcorn. Or at least watch it pop very slowly.

Popping popcorn is usually one of those things that happens under cover inside a microwave, but there's a hidden world of beauty to a kernel of exploding corn. That wonderland is on full display in a slow-motion video from YouTube channel Warped Perception.

The footage, posted on Saturday and brought to our attention by Geekologie, gets progressively slower until it shows a kernel opening up at 30,000 frames per second. The smooth surface splits apart as the fluffy white poof of popcorn emerges. It looks like a cloud in close-up.

Even in slo-mo time, the popcorn blows up fast. "You can see the popcorn is still cooking after it pops , very interesting," writes Warped Perception.

The next time you munch on some popcorn, you will have a new appreciation for the dramatic process that happens inside the microwave bag with every single popped kernel.

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