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PopCap's Zuma series coming to Facebook

PopCap is bringing its Zuma series to Facebook, following up on the success of Bejeweled Blitz, which is one of the most popular distractions on the massive social network.

A shot of Zuma's Revenge for the PC.
A shot of Zuma's Revenge for the PC. Zuma Blitz will feature similar gameplay. PopCap

PopCap Games on Thursday announced that it's bringing a port of its popular Zuma series to social network Facebook.

The game, which is called Zuma Blitz, will follow a similar format to PopCap's other popular Facebook title, Bejeweled Blitz, giving players just a minute to get the highest score possible. Like Bejeweled Blitz, it too will make use of Facebook's credits system with a feature the company is calling "Treasure Chest"--an in-game store that lets players buy power-ups using real-world money. The game will also feature a weekly tournament system, and integration with a player's Facebook friends list to show players how well they're doing compared to others.

PopCap says Zuma has sold 20 million units since its release in late 2003, and that Blitz will be released in three weeks as a "beta." Bejeweled Blitz now has 30 million users, racking up more than 100 million play sessions a day. In an interview with CNET in April, PopCap's co-founder said that the average play time for one of these sessions was a staggering 43 minutes.