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Van Boom, Daniel

Katy Perry's Twitter account hacked

The pop star's Twitter account, which has just under 90 million followers, sent out a series of strange Tweets, including some about Taylor Swift. Warning: There's some harsh language here.

A hacker seemingly took over Katy Perry's Twitter account this morning, sending out a series of bizarre Tweets to the pop star's 89 million-plus followers, the most followers of any account on Twitter.

Included in the Tweets was a message telling Taylor Swift that Perry missed her (the pair have a rough history) and a series of insults.

The culprit seems to be a Twitter user based in Romania by the name of @sw@ylol. This account posted screenshots of the emails Twitter sends to reset the password for an account, linked to the Twitter handle @katyperry. The account also posted a link to a song on Soundcloud which has since been removed, and a screenshot of a notification from Soundcloud declaring that the song had been removed for containing content owned by Katy Perry.

The Tweets to Perry's account, which can be seen here (warning: strong language), have since been deleted, and the incident hasn't recurred. Twitter did not immediately reply to a request for comment.