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Pop quiz: Do you read these top-50 blogs?

I don't read the top-50 blogs for a variety of reasons, not the least reason being that they're generally not technology-focused.

I stumbled across this March 2008 post from The Guardian on the top-50 blogs on the Web. (Spoiler: The Open Road isn't one of them. :-) I'm proud to say that I only read one of them: TechCrunch.

Why proud? Well, because my primary interest is in digging up what's not already "popular." Unfortunately, I'm as guilty as anyone of recycling "news," but real traffic comes from breaking new ground, and I find that by scouring Digg and much lesser-known blogs.

Granted, most of the 50 are popular because they're either political or simply in-your-face opinionated on popular culture. I like government - most of my pre-tech background was in politics and political science - but I find that I have little patience for petty politics anymore. As for in-your-face, well, I get enough of that from myself to need to abuse from someone else.

On that note, it's interesting how few of the top-50 blogs are devoted to technology. We do a lot of navel-gazing in the technology world, but apparently few others care to gaze at our navels. Does this suggest that the future of technology news should be more accessible to non-techies, the way that TechCrunch often is?

Regardless, no Drudge Report for me. Instead I'll be reading OpenDotDotDot and other "lesser" blogs. Hopefully this will keep translating into rising Open Road readership in 2009. Maybe we'll break the top-5,000,000 by 2012. One can dream....