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Poop-themed cafe gives new meaning to being a 'regular'

Welcome to Toronto's first poop-themed dessert cafe, where you'll enjoy sweet-smelling treats out of toilet-style dishes. You could even call the place a dump.

Poop Cafe Dessert Bar

In some unsavory news, a poop-themed cafe will open in Toronto's Koreatown this August.

The Poop Cafe Dessert Bar will be the first of its kind -- in Toronto at least. Rather unfortunately, it isn't the first eatery to venture into latrine-like waters. Toilet cafes have been popping up around the world since at least the early 2000s.

The idea for the Poop Cafe Dessert Bar comes from Lien Nguyen, who must not have heard the saying "don't s--- where you eat." The recent George Brown College graduate, who studied culinary management, decided to open her cafe after visiting the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan.

Nguyen is trying to "make poop cute," she tells the Toronto Star, by serving brown, stool-shaped food items in dishes shaped like mini toilets.

We will concede poop can be pretty adorable, at least when it comes in the form of a poo emoji. Last spring, clothing company Betabrand made a fabulous, and surprisingly classy, 1940s-style dress featuring the symbol. The frock followed Betabrand's poop-emoji button-up shirt for men.

If you're thinking that cute poop might work for clothes but doesn't apply to food, take a look at pastry chef Rosanna Pansino's poo emoji cookies. In our humble opinion, the goggly eyes helped. A crap-ton.