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They blew it: Silverdome still stands after implosion attempt

Humans said they were going to blow up the old Detroit Lions stadium, but the stadium thought that was a blast.

Well, blow me down, as Popeye used to say. Or maybe don't.

A Detroit demolition company tried to bring down the Pontiac Silverdome's upper level on Sunday in front of hundreds of spectators. But when the smoke and noise cleared, the stadium was still standing.

About 10 percent of the explosive charges "did not detonate due to a wiring issue," the company's executive vice-president told the Detroit Free Press. The company plans to try again, possibly as early as Monday.

But in the meantime, here come the jokes. Some compared the failed attempt to past failures by the Detroit Lions, who once called it home. But others saw the stadium as a metaphor for Detroit itself, still standing despite it all. (Though yes, the Silverdome is in suburban Pontiac, not Detroit proper.)

Give the last word to the Silverdome itself (OK, a parody account set up in its name).